Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing facilities
Our company is well facilitated with all the latest technology and machinery to manufacture and deliver innovative products in to the market meeting all international standards.

We possess the latest machines like shearing machine, bending machine, power press, MIG Welding, arc welding, Ferule Printing machine, Paint booth, etc. To manufacture wide range of high power controls and distribution systems.

To Counter the power shortage problem, we have100% power backup facility with full capacity D.G. Sets to accomplish on time delivery of our in hand projects and to achieve excellent output result.

Power Distribution - System And Solutions
An electric power distribution system is the final stage in delivery of electric power, it carries electricity from the transmission system to individual consumers. Distribution substations connect to the transmission system and lower the transmission voltage to medium voltage ranging between 440V and 66kv with the use of transformers. Primary distribution lines carry this medium voltage power to distribution transformers located near the customer's premises. Distribution transformers again lower the voltage to the utilization voltage of appliances and typically feed several customers through secondary distribution lines at this voltage. Customers demanding a much higher high load may be connected directly at the primary distribution level or the sub-transmission level.

Consulting Your Way
If your company is facing any problem in pwoer supply or need up gradation of supply voltage or enhancement of power requirements. We can provide you a techno-economcial expertise solution after thorough study of existing infrasture / power equipment, also the survey of local lines and substation of organization. After taking into consideration all the parameters, the most suitable and best possible solution along with the proposed estimate and line diagrams with bill of material shall be prepared and a detail report presented to you for taking final decision.

Our Unique Selling Points
  • All type test as per IS conducted on same panel.
  • Type tested panel available on shop floor for inspection and comparison.
  • Modular & Bolted construction for Flexibility & Powder coating.
  • All Switchgear & Raw material directly sourced from manufactures for quality, Genuineness & Service backup.
  • Stringent QAP for consistency in quality. Quality records to support compliance of QAP.
  • Unqiue Testing systems structure test of pre-treatment, salt-spray for corrosion Resistance. Mili-Volt Drop Test for contact resistance.
  • Dedicated Customer Care Division with 24 hrs Helpline.

Our Clients are our prides. We strongly believe that a true customer satisfaction comes only with true commitment. Dedication and strong understatnding of client's need.

Our Credentials
Since power Distribution and control panels are manfuactured under different processes and methodologies, so do we have also created separated, independent test facilities for their testing. All other routine tests & temperature rise tests as per IS : 8623 (Part I) are performed in-house. Short circuuit and impulse tests are subjected to third party testing at CPRI (India's leading test centre).


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